The Décor-Grille range of spiky, prickly plants are a very good deterrent against burglars – they are unpleasant and painful to touch .
The plants are divided into THREE Sections; a) 6 foot high range b) 3 foot high range c) Ground Cover
Plant in places where you think thieves may try to get into a property . Bushes and hedges with thorns or stiff, spiky leaves are not good hiding places for criminals.
Décor’s Defensive Shrubbery and Spiky plants such as our Rosa Rugosa Rose, can look very attractive. Another great advantage is that they attract nature back such as birds and wildlife (as cats don’t like them!!)
Today, defensive shrubbery can offer an attractive alternative to the unsightly methods of barbed wire or Carpet Gripper. Whilst thieves may prosecute you for the latter items if concealed, they can’t prosecute you for having spiky or thorny plants.

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