Special Offer: Terra Rakes & Twister Blowers……. Saltex

Wiedenmann UK has a special offer on blowers and rakes at Saltex.
Two of the most effective and quietest blowers on the market are the Wiedenmann Mega Twister and Whisper Twister.
Adept at swivelling they turn a very admirable 230° and 180° respectively, both letting you blow continuously in one direction without the need to back up. However, where they really come into their own is blowing performance. The Mega Twister’s 390 m³ at 50 m per second and the Whisper Twister’s 200 m³ at 50 m per second are hugely powerful with great work rates so can manage debris like leaves, cuttings, grit and even newly fallen snow away from areas where they’ve gathered or fallen.
Working in combination with a Terra Rake, huge amounts of collection time and back breaking effort can be saved if both machines are deployed at once. Dethatching turf combined with debris clearance becomes a quick, effective and economical project.
Wiedenmann’s Terra Rake comes in two widths – 1.6 m and 2.1 m- and is a truly efficient verticut harrow. It has five rows of robust spring tines just 16 mm apart that deliver an aggressive action , decisively pulling thatch from the turf surface. Parallel linkage means that it offers unrivalled contour following and so almost immediately this machine becomes a course manager’s favourite because it is deceptively capable.
This unique Wiedenmann Autumn Offer has generous discounts on the Mega Twister, the Whisper Twister and the Terra Rake. Additionally those who buy both a blower and rake are eligible for a further saving. Finance terms are available on request for all machines. See Wiedenmann UK at Stand D50 at Saltex.


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