Snow, standing water, mud and slush

Slurry, snow, standing water, mud and slush, it’s all the same to a SweepEx push broom. It’s all about performance and you can sweep up to 450 miles before changing the bristles. That would sweep your way from Lands End to Gretna Green with a hundred miles to spare.
Easily hitched to a skidsteer, telehandler, fork lift or any category 11 three point hitch
The SweepEx Pro broom. is designed for medium to heavy sweeping while the Mega broom, with its eleven rows of bristles, provides maximum sweeping power.
The MegaMax C-broom takes the concept of the push broom and adds carefully twisted side retainers which will hold bulk volumes of material in front of the brush without spillage. All SweepEx brooms dramatically reduce sweeping times and in the case of the MegaMax you eliminate spill lines and so reduce the time clearing up even further.
There are no moving parts, belts or chains and no motor, offering safe and maintenance-free operation. The SweepEx comes with polypropylene bristles, a high tensile steel broom head and highly durable mounting hardware. The patented bristle track holds the bristles firmly in place and there are 25% more bristles per inch than competitor types. In fact, the system is so strong the SweepEx will even sit on its own weight without a stand in sight.
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