It makes great sense to be able to put STM’S SCAG SWZ Zero-Turn mowers to work outside the grasscutting season. Removing the standard grass-cutting deck and installing a blade takes less than half an hour.
The unit comes with height and angle adjustment, a jockey skid for ease of manoeuvering, and a replaceable rubber strip at the base of the blade.
STM also have the Hilltip salt and brine spreader systems available. The current range from STM features two versions: the smallest version – the 100, is a spreader only – for fitting to an SUV tailgate, and the 550 is for fitting to the whole carrying deck on an SUV.
The 550 has twin features: a hopper for dry product [e.g. salt] or a bowser for liquid, e.g. brine. There is a spraying head that can be positioned for continuous operation or it can be detached for operating by hand.
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