Slug Pelleting Seminar

Slug Pelleting Seminar – essential attendance for all users

As part of a major campaign to rapidly improve the awareness of landscapers and operators, a half day Slug Pelleting Seminar will be held at Bicton College on 9th December, 10am to 3pm for existing NPTC PA2 and PA4 certificate holders to update their current qualifications, and for others to qualify to legally apply slug pellets.

Course organiser Kitrina Bishop said, ‘Slug Pellets are used extensively to control slugs in horticultural crop and grass production. Bicton College is encouraging users to update on how to reduce the impact of this pesticide on the environment, and also improve the efficacy of slug control.’

One of the biggest issues for landscapers and operators is whether they are working legally. Earlier this year it was realised many operators were applying pellets illegally, because they lacked the necessary PA4 qualification.

What’s more even the 8000 operators with a PA4 certificate are believed to be lacking the latest environmental information and best practice advice needed to apply slug pellets appropriately.

All qualified operators (PA4 or PA2 pre-1994) are strongly recommended to attend; (this includes grandfather rights people who are legally allowed to operate on their own or their employers own land). Operators who achieved PA2 post-1994 should also attend and take the short test at the end, so certificates can be upgraded to add on the application of slug pellets only.

Unqualified operators must attend a Slug Pelleting Seminar. Those successfully completing a short multiple choice test at the end of the course will receive an interim certificate entitling them to apply slug pellets until July 2011 provided they also take and achieve PA1. In the intervening 18 months they need to sit one of the three new/revised PA units due to be introduced in January 2010.

Cost of the seminar and end test providing updated certification is £60. For those yet to complete any training, there is a Slug Pellet Application (PA4) training course on 17th December at Bicton College. Contact Kitrina Bishop on 01395 562382.or email for details of both events.

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