Skyriders …

Playground manufacturer Playdale is launching the latest phase of its dynamic moving products.
Gliding through the skies becomes possible with the Air Glider; a modern addition to any playground, this unit helps to build upper body strength as users fly freely around the overhead frame, emulating their favourite action hero. Its futuristic appearance will appeal to older children and prove an intriguing alternative alongside traditional play equipment.
Wannabe skaters will love to test their skills on the Board Rider; with its impressive metal frame, riders will be eager to compete to see who can scale the highest heights. The motion required will help users develop strength and co-ordination skills, while also encouraging an energetic workout.
Due to popular demand, Playdale are also launching a stainless steel version of their bestselling aerial runway to complement their city collection – a favourite among children of all ages, this product is available in a range of sizes to suit any playground.
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