Six wives

Fiona Bailey, a second year garden design student studying for her BTEC National Award at Shuttleworth College , has designed a garden that has been chosen by RHS selectors for the “Six Wives of Henry VIII” category at the Hampton Court Flower Show
This category celebrates 500 years since Henry VIII’s accession to the throne. Fiona has chosen to design a simple Tudor knot garden to celebrate the life of Anne of Cleves. Her inspiration was taken from the famous painting of Anne by Holbein with the knot shape reflecting the neckline of her dress. Vibrant coloured flowers, in regal golds and purples, will represent the jewels. Most of the plants in her design were used in the 16th century adding to the authenticity of the garden – including the hops which made one of Anne’s favourite drinks – ale!
Many of the plants are being grown at College and much of the initial building work will take place there.
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Shuttleworth College are delighted to have this opportunity to show the high standards they can achieve in garden design and would like you to come and support them if you are planning to visit Hampton Court Flower Show – the show will be held between 7 and 12 July 2009.

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