Simply the pest

Solus has launched a new range of non-chemical pest control products, called Pest Patrol, for the 2011 season.
The Pest Patrol range features products designed to tackle a wide range of pests, from rats and mice to cockroaches, pigeons and even dogs and cats. All products are split into three colour coded categories – red = designed to kill; orange = designed for live catch; and green = designed to deter.
Dean Winters, Solus’ product development manager, said: “Pest control is big business, with millions of pounds being spent on it every year. However not all problems need to be dealt with by professionals or by spending lots of money. Our Pest Patrol range has been designed to tackle the most common pest complaints. Added to this, we are pleased to confirm that our range doesn’t use harmful chemicals, meaning that handling and use around the house is less dangerous than chemical based methods, whilst remaining just as effective.”

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