Sharp results

A new high-capacity transfer wheel line marking machine from Techneat Engineering now gives a more flexible, easy-to-use, low-cost option for managing a wider range sports pitches. The Acu-Line TWL20 uses innovative high-density plastic transfer and roller wheels to deliver precise application for consistently sharp results.
Line marking wheel sets are available in easily interchangeable two, three, four or five inch (50mm, 75mm, 100mm and 125mm) widths, with a full wheel set typically costing half that of a conventional steel wheel set. This makes the Acu-Line TWL20 ideal for facilities hosting pitches for a range of sports activities, where different line widths are required.
The Acu-Line TWL20 also features a 20-litre capacity paint tank, enabling operators to quickly and efficiently cover a large area of sports pitches. The highly durable plastic tank, integral chassis design and transfer wheels, manufactured at the Techneat precision rotational moulding factory in Cambridgeshire, ensure the machine is easy to clean and corrosion free for a long-life.
The high-capacity tank has been designed with a paint retention lip, to minimise the risk of spillage when moving between pitches. The design also ensures consistent paint pick-up and transfer, right to the bottom of the tank for a clean finish. Pneumatic rear wheels are fitted as standard, which are an expensive option on most other transfer wheel machines.
The Acu-Line TWL20 is available direct from Techneat or selected amenity machinery equipment suppliers. The unit is priced at £275 +vat
Tel: 01353 862044

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