Setting new performance standards

For highly efficient irrigation of both large and smaller areas in residential and commercial applications, Rain Bird now offers a full range of R-VAN rotary adjustable, full circle and strip nozzles. Coupled with fast installation and simple maintenance – no tools required – R-VAN nozzles set new standards in performance, with just nine models required for full 45-360 degree coverage and ranges from 2.4 to 7.3 metres. This compares to up to fifteen if alternative brands of nozzles were to be specified, keeping investment costs lower from the outset.

All R-VAN nozzles can be quickly hand adjusted for arc and radius. By pushing down and turning the nozzle cap, the arc can be increased by up to 270 degrees and by turning the radius adjustment dial clockwise, the throw distance is increased without needing to use a separate adjustment tool. With these two actions, areas of any shape can be effectively irrigated.
The precipitation rate of the R-VAN nozzles is matched with the Rain Bird 5000 series rotors. Long-distance watering is effectively increased to up to 10.7 metres within the same zone. Precipatation rates are also matched across all the different types of R-VAN nozzles, making irrigation design layouts and zoning much easier. There is no longer any need for multiple zones and valves to accomplish the same irrigation coverage that would be required with other makes of nozzle.
Producing gentle rotating streams of water, R-VAN nozzles provide uniform coverage with lower precipitation rates. This lessens the risk of wasteful run-off that can lead to ground erosion. R-VAN nozzles can require up to 33% shorter run-times, providing significant water savings and making them ideal for applications where there are time restrictions on irrigation cycles.
With larger droplets and thicker streams of water, R-VAN nozzles have high wind resistance and can be used in windier conditions without misting. Irrigation is kept within the target zone and not wasted on surrounding hardscapes and other areas.
R-VAN nozzles have been specifically designed to let dirt and debris pass through, but if a nozzle sticks, a simple twist ensures easy debris flushing. There is no need to replace the nozzle in the event of clogging. Overall, R-VAN nozzles are claimed to be up to 30 percent more efficient than alternative makes and are compatible with all Rain Bird spray bodies, risers and adapters. Each of the nine units are colour coded for easy identification.

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