Seeding the land

Limagrain UK has published a new 2013 catalogue of sports and amenity grass seed mixtures for the MM range. Three new grass varieties – Cyrena, Nikky and Heidrun – have been added into selected mixtures, bringing further performance improvements.
The popular winter sports mixture MM60 now includes the ryegrass Cyrena. This new cultivar performed exceptionally well in last year’s BSPB (British Society of Plant Breeders) winter sports trial run at the STRI, in Bingley, West Yorkshire.

The MM grass seed mixtures – MM8, MM10 and MM11 – for construction and overseeding of golf greens, now benefit from the addition of Nikky, a new Chewings Fescue that is particularly good for fine turf use.
And MM mixtures for fairways, lawns and landscapes, now include a new Strong Creeping Red Fescue – Heidrun – which has also performed very well in BSPB trials.
Limagrain’s new 2013 catalogue contains details of the entire MM range of seed mixtures for the sports and amenity markets, including MM 75R, a recovery mixture for overseeding winter sports pitches in winter and early spring. All MM grass seed mixtures are treated with Headstart which helps speed up germination and establishment.
The new MM catalogue also includes a range of environmental mixtures including Bee Mixture which contains plant varieties which attract bumble bees and insects.
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