Seamless, porous, hard wearing…..Ecobuild report

Addagrip used the Ecobuild exhibition to launch its new Terrabound Resin Bound Surfacing System. This new commercial grade resin bound surfacing product has been introduced to provide a more cost effective solution for both large and small projects.
Terrabound is available in a limited range of natural aggregates, the finished surface offers a seamless, porous, hard wearing, low maintenance and decorative surface. The product is ideal for commercial projects, including landscaping schemes, housing developments, parks, car parks and access roads.
Addagrip products have been used in a variety of high profile projects including Media City in Salford, Greenwich Naval Museum, the British Museum and Royal Holloway College.
Addagrip also highlighted the Addabound Resin Bound Surfacing System – a new addition to the Addagrip resin bound surfacing range, providing a smooth, hard wearing and low maintenance porous/semi porous surface.
The decorative surfacing option incorporates Addagrip’s latest UV stable resin technology, offering increased renewable resin content, strength and improved surface flexibility.
Also highlighted on the Addagrip stand were
• The Addaset Resin Bound Surfacing System – a smooth, hard wearing and low maintenance porous/semi porous surface using a range of natural aggregates. The surface is suitable for driveways, footpaths, pedestrian precincts, playgrounds, car parks and access roads.
• The Addacolor Resin Bound Surfacing System is ideally suited to those projects that require a splash of colour both inside and out, such as footpaths and school playgrounds.
• The Addastone Resin Bonded Surfacing System provides an attractive, hard wearing and low maintenance surface by bonding or fixing loose gravel aggregates to concrete, asphalt, wood or metal.
• The Addastone Tree Pit System is designed to provide an attractive and aesthetically pleasing porous paving system using a variety of natural or recycled aggregates. The open texture achieved provides a highly porous resin bound surface, allowing tree roots access to both air and water penetration.
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