The Bauder green roof on Sharrow Primary School in Sheffield is going to be declared a Local Nature Reserve. The school will be the first green roof in the country to achieve this status – a fitting accolade for a school that defies traditional ideas of what a school should be. Restricted ground space opened up the opportunity to create green roofs at three levels for play space, 44m² of outdoor classrooms and a 2000m² biodiversity roof designed to replicate a meadow, complete with cornflowers and other urban plants. It is also a haven for birds and other kinds of wildlife, with rotting tree stumps provided for many kinds of insects. All of roofs are used as a learning resource with curriculum-friendly uses for all the children in the area.
Sharrow Primary is also now Sheffield’s greenest school, with a heating system powered by warmth coming up from deep in the earth, toilets flushed by rainwater. The roof works on a technical level, sorting water run-off problems and assisting in the control of storm water, humidity, noise, heat and pollution. Additionally, the roofs incorporate a BREEAM A+ rated Bauder waterproofing system with 120mm of PIR insulation to achieve a U value of 0.2W/M² constructed on a concrete deck.

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Bauder is a specialist flat roofing and waterproofing company that has been operating for 30 years in the United Kingdom and over 150 years in Europe.

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