Scarify in autumn

Scarification is an essential part of lawn maintenance that involves the removal of thatch or moss from the lawn, helping with air flow and keeping it health. If you do not scarify, debris will build up and lead to other problems. For example, thatchy and mossy lawns will not be very wear- or drought- tolerant.
It is important to scarify at the right time of year, otherwise you will either risk having an unsightly lawn just when you want to be enjoying it, or you will open it up to more problems and damage. A light de-thatching or scarifying is recommended in spring, just as the weather is heating up, and there is an increase in the growth and recovery of the grass.
In the autumn, however, is when a more intense, heavier scarification can take place. At this time of year there are a number of jobs to do around the garden to ensure that you leave in the best possible state over winter, and this is one of them. While intense scarification sounds like very hard work, there are machines available to take the strain out of your lawn maintenance. The XC1 B40 from Cub Cadet, for example, steps up to the challenge with a powerful 35 H OHV Cub Cadet engine and a 1.7 litre fuel tank. The 34 verticutter blades, each with a width of 163mm, scratch out the dead grass and moss with ease, allowing in light and rain all the way down to the roots.
The machine also has the added benefit being able to aerate the lawn if necessary. To do this, simply use the higher position with a gentle touch of the blades and springs on the surface of the soil. When scarifying use a deeper blade and spring setting to allow for a more aggressive action on the lawn surface. A central height adjuster knob enables infinite working depth adjustment.
Featuring a wide 35cm working width, the machine has folding handles for easy storage or transport and an optional collection bag for collecting the debris can be purchased if desired, although due to the volume that is raked out of the lawn, most people will find it more effective to go over with their mower to collect the debris.

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