Timber Teeth’ a versatile accessory that turns a workbench into a saw-horse, quickly and easily without any workbench modifications.
The product which is patented and manufactured in the UK, is a two component, 2.5 gauge steel, high quality bracket that is easily placed in the workbench vice top. The design allows the instant adjustment of the distance between the supports.
By holding the log firmly with it’s specially designed ‘teeth’ the device reduces the risk of injury when cutting either un-sawn logs or sawn timber and joinery.
An additional benefit of the product is that it is easy to store when not in use, unlike traditional saw-horses and saw benches. It is removed by simply loosening the vice handles and removing them.
Managing Director Alan Morton told The Landscaper, “ I designed this product specifically because it met a need I had when cutting logs at home… We are proud to say this is a British designed and manufactured product of high quality which will last.”

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