Royal roof

The Principality of Monaco has announce its involvement in The Chelsea Flower Show . The roof garden, commissioned by His Serene Highness Prince Albert II, is being designed by award winning British gardener Sarah Eberle.
Sarah told The Landscaper, “I am delighted to be the designer selected to work with a dedicated team, including designers, administrators and advisors in bringing an exciting conceptual garden to Chelsea that reflects the character, personality and vibrancy of Monaco .
The exhibit reflects the geography and topography of the region, from the harbour and its maritime associations to the visually beautiful but small private garden spaces set amongst traditional and contemporary architecture.
Monaco is a small Mediterranean principality the size of Hyde Park and densely populated. The pressure for space means that alternative methods of providing sustainable green gardens needs to be addressed. Vertical green walls and planted roofs are incorporated in new buildings along with sustainable energy and water systems.
There is a lap pool to the front of the garden which is naturally filtered and incorporates a swim zone and a planting zone. The planted lavender roof provides shelter from the suns rays and the vertical green walls reduce solar gain thereby reducing energy consumption. The flat roof system also collects rain and stores for use within the garden and for the water features.
Planting within the garden reflects the wide range of plants available in Monaco but concentrates on arid exotic plants that thrive in hot dry conditions. However colour is an important part of the Monaco culture and therefore this can been incorporated in the vertical walls using Carpobrotus edulis, Lampranthus and Osteospermum, along with herbaceous plants suitable for drier conditions.
The garden also reflects the natural topography and geography of Monaco from the harbour to the sheer rock faces that embrace and border the Principality, from the Pinus on the harbour to the exotic Jardin Exotique that clings perilously to the rock face. Plants incorporated include the native Caratonia siliqua, the architectural Chorisia speciosa, Aloe bainesii (tree Aloe), Eugenia, Carissa, Olea europaea (as clipped balls), Plumbago, Bulbine frutescens, Echium, Euphorbia, Nepeta, Veronica and Iris.
Hard landscape materials reflect both the older and modern traditions, with natural stone and polished concrete working together to create rich texture and pattern. The garden introduces a new polished concrete system suitable for external use. An internal staircase is cantilevered out from a vertical green wall within an open courtyard and leads onto the cantilevered planted roof.

Chelsea Flower Show from 24th to 28th May 2011

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