Rotary Grinders…..Bobcat

Attachments for compact loaders and excavators

Bobcat has launched a new range of rotary grinder attachments for the company’s compact loaders and excavators aimed at a wide range of construction, demolition and utility industry applications.
The new grinders are powerful attachments that consist of a double drum, driven by a completely integrated high-torque hydraulic motor. Quieter in operation compared to equivalent hydraulic or pneumatic demolition tools, the new attachments still grind powerfully in concrete, asphalt or rock. They also transmit relatively low vibration levels to surrounding structures and produce small diameter debris that can be reused.
The design of the new grinding attachments allows them to be used for applications requiring precise removal of material, without damaging adjacent structures. They can also be used for less precise work such as the demolition of walls and other structures; for digging trenches in hard and rocky ground and for preparing asphalt or concrete surfaces for repair.
The three models in the range, the RG20, RG40 and RG60 grinders, provide a choice of cuttings widths and are suitable for use on the larger Bobcat loaders and excavators
The use of rotary grinders on Bobcat compact loaders or excavators requires the installation of a special applications kit on the machines, the same as that used for mounting Bobcat hydraulic breakers.

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