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Over 1 million annual visitors are expected to pass through the doors of the Riverside Museum in Glasgow’s Harbour district when it opens to the public in 2011
Leading the design, Gross Max specified Terram’s Geocell, Erocell, and Terram 1B1 as the preferred geosynthetic solution for the landscape’s construction. The use of geosynthetic materials such as Geocell and Erocell provided a robust and environmentally sound ground engineering solution, while enhancing the aesthetics of the landscape.
The landscaping surrounding the 7000m2 exhibit area will consist of different levels formed in natural-looking grass embankments. Terram Geocell layers will be placed on top of a compacted soil sub-base and then filled with a free-draining granular material to provide adequate drainage and stability.
The core structure of the embankments will be surfaced with Terram’s Erocell confinement system, which when filled and covered with a high quality top soil, will provide a solid, erosion proof foundation for the proposed low maintenance turf which will surface the embankment exterior

Part of Terram’s Cellular Confinement System portfolio, Geocell and Erocell are three dimensional geotextile ‘honeycomb’ structures which are specifically designed to physically confine soil or other infill materials. Within sloping landscaping applications, confinement within cellular systems prevents the horizontal movement of landscaping materials and substantially improves the shear strength and bearing capacity of the slope material.

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