Reflective qualities….Claudia De Yong

Water features add a calmness and relaxing atmosphere to any garden regardless of size. The reflective qualities from having a trough filled with water or a clear pond also helps to give a new dimension and interest to what could otherwise be a very dull space.
With the current trend to return to nature, a wildlife pond is the new must have for many and there is no doubt that the minute you start to dig that hole, the wildlife will soon take up residence.
Over the years Claudia De Yong has designed many gardens with water , “My clients have said how it has enhanced their enjoyment of their gardens for the better. With so many new ideas and products on the market, I believe water features will feature more and more on people’s lists when having their gardens re-designed. Indeed, you only have to take a look at most of the show gardens and water will feature very highly in the design.”
It’s worth having a look around Claudia’s new web-site – it’s packed with ideas and information.

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