Reduce spray drift

BFS MD Stephen Ketely

The new 0.8 White low drift Air Bubble Jet from Billericay Farm Service’s has been specially developed for greenkeeepers groundsmen and contractors.
This 0.8 nozzle provides a flow rate of 3.2 litres per minute at a pressure of 3 bar, which equates to 320 litres per hectare at 12kph. However, for operators who wish to apply higher volumes, reducing the speed to 6 kph, will enable a spray volume of 640 litres per hectare to be achieved.
Confirmed by independent research, the BFS Air Bubble Jet will reduce spray drift by 75% and, as the spray is less affected by wind, will ensure improved surface coverage and provide spray operators with more spraying day opportunities. Compared to conventional jets, 18% more of the chemical containing spray reaches its intended target and will provide enhanced control first time round, thereby reducing the requirement for repeat applications.

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