Quartix Evolve launched

Quartix, one of the leading global suppliers of subscription-based vehicle tracking systems is pleased to announce the launch of Quartix EVolve, a new service designed to help companies manage their transition to electric vehicles.

Initially Quartix will launch this service in the UK, but plans to roll out in the US and the rest of Europe later this year.

Quartix EVolve uses a fleet’s recent GPS data to suggest the most feasible electric vehicle migration plan and a list of charging point installations needed. The service takes the latest public information about EV vehicles and chargers, and then uses a sophisticated AI solution to create a set of recommendations based on a fleet’s trips, types of vehicles and distances travelled.

The result is a comprehensive recommendation which outlines the potential impact on Total Cost of Ownership, as well as emission reductions and fuel spend savings. Customers will also see a ‘best matched vehicle’ list, fully customised to their unique fleet requirements, as well as a list of suggested charging installations points and types of chargers.

EVolve gives fleets the confidence and knowledge to make a successful transition to electric vehicles. It transforms a task that would otherwise be hugely complex, and subject to constant change, into a simple service that is easy to repeat.

Refreshing the recommendation will include any updated or newly available EV vehicles or charging options, the latest fuel and electric prices and any changes to EV incentives.

“I am delighted to offer EVolve to our customers. This tool will help fleets de-mystify the transition to electric vehicles and enable them to make key decisions based on their own real-world telematics data,” says Quartix CEO Richard Lilwall.

Customers have reacted well to the new service; commenting that this will save time and costs when planning EV transitions.

Currently businesses invest a great deal of time manually creating EV roadmaps, as it involves pulling data from many different sources, and many are not making use of real fleet data due to the sheer volume and complexity of data gathering.

Soon after an initial assessment is carried out, the information quickly becomes out of date. EVolve removes these barriers; it is simple to use, always up-to-date, and priced to enable fleets to run the report as often as needed.

Anyone interested to find out more about Quartix Evolve can join a live webinar on 7 June 2022 at 3pm.
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