Putting safety first!

Simon Richard Ltd  report increasing sales of both their Reform Metrac bank tractors, (safe for working at up to 45 degree angles) and Shibaura SG280 Slope mowers, (rated for safe working up to 30 degrees.) Simon Richard told The Landscaper , “With operator safety high on the agenda both Reform and Shibaura machines can provide a safe operator working environment and also add value to the grounds maintenance fleet”
Taking the number on their fleet up to six and supplied through the Belfast Cyril Johnston dealership, the Northern Ireland Western Education & Library Board has now taken delivery of a further two 28hp diesel powered Shibaura compact SG280 slope mowers. Speaking for the board, Procurement Officer Hugh McCallan said, “we took our first SG280 following an accident in North Antrim. We needed to reassess the suitability of our equipment for working on more difficult terrain. Our remit was to source tractors that were certified as safe when working up to 30 degree angles and this led us to the compact SG280.
They are used right across our area maintaining education authority property and have proved to our satisfaction they are a robust and reliable machine. Their performance, capability and safety are second to none. The 26 litre fuel tank gives us more efficient working and the fully adjustable horizontal rolling seat to compensate for working angle is a real hit with our operatives. At some point in the future we may well be adding more Shibauras to our fleet”
Supplied by Ilminster based Loxston Groundcare, the National Trust property Kingston Lacy has taken delivery of a 59hp, 4 cylinder diesel powered Hydrostatic Reform Metrac H5X tractor. Simon Richard added, “The Metrac H5X is a critically safe machine; manoeuvrable, versatile and well-suited to working on slopes and for the widest range of grounds maintenance tasks. We are certainly seeing an increase in demand based on their multi-functionality and lifetime cost benefits. The balanced weight distribution and crab steer function are the ideal combination to enable the operator to work safely at angles of up to 45 degrees.
The suspended front axle ensures all four wheels provide permanent ground contact even on uneven terrain. Additionally an inching pedal means the operator can work around trees, shrubs etc., with confidence and depending on the task, selection can be made between four wheel, front wheel, rear wheel or continuously adjustable crab steering mode.”
SG280 Belfast NIHE simon richards

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