The new Makita PF0300, 300 watt electric submersible pump will deliver 140 litres per minute at up to a 7m head height and can be submersed to 5m depth. It will pump with water levels as low as 20mm and is ideal for clean water irrigation as well as removal of flooded areas with a maximum particle size of 5mm. It has useful multi-size hose connections and at a weight of 4.23kg is a useful and easily transportable pump.
Of similar construction, with a rigid moulded plastic body housing, the PF0410 pump will drain muddy water in wells and tanks with a particle size of 35mm. The PF1010 model with 1,100 watt motor, weighing 6.64kg, will deliver this same dirty water at 240 litres per minute to a head height of 10 metres.
The two stainless steel housing models in the Makita professional range both deliver 250 litres per minute with 1,100 watt motors. The PF1100 model will move water with 5mm particle content whilst the heavy duty PF1110 can transfer water contaminated with particles up to 35mm diameter. The stainless steel bodies provide rugged operation in the worst conditions with a long service life.
The comprehensive range of Makita submersible pumps offers a solution for all domestic, rental, municipal and industrial pumping operations.

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