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What is Aspen Fuel’

(see below for Professional User Package)

Aspen ready-mixed 2-stroke petrol is the cleanest and safest fuel on the market for small capacity 2-stroke engines. Aspen Petroleum AB celebrated its twentieth anniversary last year and has – from the launch of its super clean alternative to normal pump fuels – been a roaring success used by thousands of caring forestry, landscaping and garden workers throughout Europe.

Aspen is made from alkylate petrol (basically liquefied surplus gasses ) which is free from aromatics which damage the nervous system – levels of up to 35% can be found in UK pump fuels.

It is also free from benzene (carcinogenic, less than 1% of benzene levels in 95 octane) and sulphur which causes acid rain.

All of above gasss are plentiful in normal 95 octane unleaded petrol. In fact, exhaust fumes from a 2-stroke chainsaw being run on Aspen 2-stroke fuel contains 98% fewer toxic hydrocarbons than if run on normal pump fuel.

You would not take a coffee break inhaling your car’s exhaust fumes (which are up to 100 times cleaner than emissions from a chainsaw or a hedge trimmer) so why would you poison yourself with regular pump fuel when there is now a clean and healthy alternative’

Aspen is available in both a ready-mixed 2-stroke version (with a biodegradable 2-stroke oil) and a 4-stroke version for lawnmowers, generators etc. in either a 5 litre plastic can or a 200 litre steel drum.

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Are you a member of any of these professional bodies ‘

The British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI)
The Association of Professional Landscapers (APL)
The Arboricultural Association,
The International Society of Arborists,
The Confederation of Forest Industries,
The Forestry Contractors Association

To reflect your professional standing as a member – we are pleased to offer the following package –

1. A FREE trial of Aspen fuel – premixed 2 stroke 2T or straight 4T*

2. Supply of Aspen fuels at retail prices less 10%

3. Supply of our range of biodegradable oils at retail less 15%

4. A choice of direct account or supply via our dealer network

5. Free direct delivery to your base, or to individual sites if needed
subject to minimum order size

6. A link on our website under professional users

7. Vehicle stickers – Aspen, fuel for professionals – to provoke
customer interest in reasons for use and to push green credentials



Tony Gilhome
Business Development Manager – Aspen
07738 642 550

Sole UK Aspen Importers and Distributors:
Anglo American Oil Company Ltd, 3 Holly Close, Sandford, Wareham, BH20 7QE
tel 01929 551 557 fax 01929 551 567

(* Offer open to new customers only)

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