Prepare for a cold snap……

Sudden drops in temperature are common at this time of year. It’s inconvenient – to you and your customers – to discover low stocks of rock salt, road grit and de-icer products when the ground is already icy.
Icethaw have made it easy for landscapers, groundsmen, builders’ merchants and garden centres to find exactly the right products, for their own use and to pass onto customers, by structuring the website according to sector.
Each sector page suggests the range of products commonly used, ensuring you don’t forget to order anything, and giving comprehensive information about the products and what they can be used for.
For garden centres, Icethaw also offers a bespoke bagging service, enabling rock salt and road grit to be branded with your own company logo and details.
Barry Dearing, a director at Icethaw, said: “When the cold weather hits, it’s very common for Icethaw to have a flurry of emergency orders.
“A cold snap happening on a national scale will produce a country-wide shortage of road grit and rock salt. For this reason, we recommend everyone gets prepared for winter now.”
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