Power Tools and Quad Bikes top “Most Stolen “

Quad bikes and tools top the list of the most stolen items in the last year
That’s the view of a national alarm company, which says that more attention to crime prevention will save  businesses thousands of pounds spent in replacing equipment and higher insurance premiums.
The MonitoredAlarms.co.uk which installs and maintains alarm systems for both domestic properties and businesses, says that a simple audit of security is usually enough to spot vulnerable areas and save farms from attacks by organised gangs.
“Theft has always been the scourge of the business,” says MonitoredAlarms.co.uk spokesperson Jonathan Ratcliffe, “But quad bikes are being stolen as never before at a rate of 15 per week, and its clear these are not opportunist thieves.”
According to a survey carried out by MonitoredAlarms.co.uk, the results virtually mirror those produced by NFU Mutual last year, and show that thieves favour items which are readily portable. The Top Ten items  stolen items 2015:
Power tools
ATVs/Quad bikes
Machinery and tractors
Garden equipment
Equestrian equipment
Solar panels
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