Power of the sun … Blue Skies Water Systems

Blue Skies Water Systems have announced the arrival of a new solar powered irrigation system.
Simple installation allows the user to extract water from a water butt and deliver small drops of water directly to the plants thus removing the need to install expensive electrical cabling into the garden .
The solar irrigation means the garden is completely self sufficient and is able to use free water whenever the plants need it.
The system removes the risk of mixing water with electricity. The power pack holds no more charge than a mobile phone and the lack of electrical cabling in the garden prevents the risk of electrocution.
The solar irrigation pump uses solar power (sunlight energy) to charge internal batteries. Every 3 hours it starts up, automatically delivering water through a compatible irrigation system (included in the kit price). The solar paneled irrigation system will always operate more in bright than dull conditions, so the more water plants need the more they get.
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