Porsche Cayman!

Yours – a Porsche Cayman

Do you know how much you spend on your lunch each day’ Based on an average spend of £4 per day you will spend £20 each week, nearly £1000 each year and more than £38,000 on lunch during your working life – more than the average national salary per year in the UK
Anyone can grow their own veg, whether it be small lettuces in recycled containers on your desk, or cauliflowers in an old bucket outside. Richard Hunt at the RHS said: “Getting people growing is at the heart of our campaigns and we hope we are able to show that a space as small as a hanging basket or window box can reap rewards in terms of fresh tomatoes or lettuce leaves – which will save you money in the shops.“The campaign is much more than just growing veg – it’s about a healthy lifestyle, having fun and saving money at the same time – for £38,000 you could buy a Porsche Cayman, a boat in Greece or an apartment in Berlin.”
TEl 0845 130 4646, or visit www.rhs.org.uk

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