Polaris means business…ATV dealers

Polaris Britain is helping its ATV dealers to develop new sales skills through the Polaris Business School. It’s part of an EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) initiative which takes place across over twenty countries from Scandinavia to South Africa. Small, exclusive groups are gathered once a year in three regional meetings. The annual programme has different themes and modules each year and in 2010 the focus was on marketing and the structure of individual business plans for dealerships. The aim of the Polaris Business School is to enlighten dealers on what’s different about Polaris and the propositions behind each machine in the range. The key objectives are to help educate them with sales and support techniques, planning and development of marketing goals and strategies to gain new customers. The two day residential course is worth over £1000 and is provided free by Polaris. By identifying their strengths and being engaged in the business the dealers have been opening up new opportunities for increased sales. The company says it consistently sees improvements in both sales and profit increases of over 20% following attendance at the courses, representing another example of the added value given by Polaris to its dealers. It certainly appears to be working well for them with Polaris increasing market share in a period when ATV and quad sales have been down.
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