Playfair June 21/22…. 2011

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Playfair 21 – 22 June 2011 Stoneleigh Park, Coventry
Opening Times
21st June : 9.30am – 5.00pm

Play News

The Association of Play Industries – API has drawn up a new charter that re-states its aims and beliefs relating to children’s play and their wellbeing. It emphasises the API’s continuing promotion of good industry standards and inclusive design – where listening to children means they are consulted on the spaces they play in.
The charter highlights the API’s goals of working more closely with other stakeholders in play, such as the recent partnership formed with the Children’s Play Information Service, the creation of new information sheets to help communities play projects in their area and to keep in play on the political agenda at a time when it appears to be overlooked by other equally important issues, such as schools and the London 2012 Olympics when the API it feels it should be placed alongside them
API Chairman, John Croasdale, said: “The API and its members have always been focused on improving the health and wellbeing of children through play. This charter makes that commitment clear as many of our member companies have already produced a wealth of information on the benefits of play; exercise, fun and learning. The charter also highlights our political stance that more needs to be done to support the future of play provision and the communities it serves.”

RPII achieves recognition

The Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) is celebrating recognition by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) as an approved Awarding Body, confirmed from April 2011. As the UK play industry’s sole body for syllabus setting, examination and certification of play safety inspectors, the RPII has been progressively operating to Ofqual requirements in recent years.
John Simmons, RPII chairman said, “This Ofqual recognition is a really important quality hallmark for RPII Inspectors and their clients who must be certain at all times that play safety inspectors are fully competent, up to date and routinely re-examined. Applying for Ofqual recognition is an extremely exacting process so we are delighted the RPII, its procedures, examinations and standards are up to the very high Ofqual standards.”
Play providers benefit
For the UK’s numerous parish, town or city councils and any local authority with public playgrounds in parks, for schools and for commercial play providers Ofqual recognition gives further assurance that the RPII certification level is up to external rigorously audited standards. Indeed, Ofqual advises that it makes sure qualification standards are the same every year by monitoring the questions set and examiners’ marking. They check awarding organisations like the RPII carry out their roles correctly. Ofqual programmes include; scrutiny and code of practice monitoring programmes, audits of awarding organisations and comparability studies (reviewing qualification standards over time, across organisations and between subjects).

Trade Show Exhibitors

API Charter

  • The API believes that all children have a fundamental right to play.
  • The API encourages children to play in a variety of environments to get the most out of play.
  • The API will develop partnerships with other key stakeholders within play.
  • API members will design and deliver challenging and exciting play areas with a degree of built-in risk.
  • The API promotes the many health benefits of active play, including physical exercise and social skills.
  • The API is committed to ensuring play remains on the political agenda.
  • The API and its members offer information on funding streams and can guide communities and schools from design and consultation to completed play projects.
  • The API believes in listening to children so they are consulted on the spaces they play in.
  • The API will maintain and raise the standards of our members through support, education and training.
  • API is committed to high levels of safety and quality throughout the industry.

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Milly Durrant, Marketing Manager

Taking place adjacent to and at the same time as the BALI Landscaping Show the consistently successful Playfair returns packed with new ideas and innovations

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