Designer and ‘This Morning’ TV gardener David Domoney’s Aqua Hortis containing a Piranha Hunting Ground with 15 members of the deadly fish took a gold medal at Chelsea Flower Show.
Domoney, who had been given special permission by the RHS to bring the Piranhas to the show, said that he was surprised and delighted. “We wanted to do something different and knew that this was a ‘first’ for Chelsea,” he explains. “These are some mean fish and they’re creating a lot of interest. To receive a gold medal is an unexpected bonus and a tribute to everybody’s hard work.” The Piranha Hunting Ground was one of five biotopes featuring underwater gardens from all over the world.
The Ace of Spades, David’s Urban Garden designed as a city dwelling biker’s retreat and built in association with Harley Davidson and YHS Recycled Compost was awarded Silver Gilt. A giant Ace of Spades (the result of a Wyevale ‘spade swop’ and welded together by Anwick Forge in Lincolnshire) black and silver planting, adapted oil drums and old motorbike parts featured as well as a brand new Harley Davidson. “The idea came from the Motorhead record, The Ace of Spades,” says the designer. “It’s the bikers’ anthem.”

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