Performance upgrades

Seventy-five percent of the Polaris Ranger line-up will have performance upgrades and restyling, based on the line’s flagship the Ranger XP900.
The first Rangers to receive the new treatment is the full-size Ranger Diesel and Ranger Diesel Crew.
The Ranger Diesel is a favourite hard-working vehicle for anyone who uses diesel as a fuel source. The Ranger Diesel Crew is a very capable, go-anywhere, six-seater 4×4.
These new vehicles receive a new 3 cylinder, Tier 4 compliant Diesel engine and a double alternator output, with a massive 110 amps to power more accessories.
One of the main features of the new Diesels is the LOCK & RIDE Pro-Fit cab system which ensures an impeccable quality fit and finish, rugged durability and modularity, with ease of installation.
Premium upgrades like interior liners, power windows, and tip out glass windshields give you the comfort you demand.
This latest generation of Ranger Diesels shares the same attributes that made the Ranger XP 900 a premium choice in the Ranger line.
Innovations such as a restyled cockpit, Dual A-Arm front suspension, new flip-up seat storage, larger 10 gal/37.6 L fuel tank, easier serviceability and a quieter ride due to engine repositioning will make the Ranger Diesel and Ranger Diesel Crew even harder working and smoother riding work horses.
For 2015, all Full-Size vehicles will receive new intake openings, on the pillars behind the driver and passenger, allowing for improved airflow for the engine and clutch air intake systems.
The Ranger Diesel and Ranger Diesel Crew will be available in Sage Green.
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