Perfect solution……..IOG SALTEX 2012 PREVIEW

Set for a September launch at the IOG SALTEX show, the all new TWIGA SPV (Self Propelled Vehicle) range marks the beginning of an exciting new era for Spearhead.
Dubbed as the perfect solution for vegetation control, the self-propelled, multipurpose TWIGA range is set to deliver peak performance combined with a reliable and safe environment demanded by the most professional of operators.
Targeted at Internal Drainage Boards, Environment Agency, Local Authorities, Agricultural Contractors, Highway Contractors and Railway Vegetation Control Contractors from the outset, the TWIGA SPV range combines the power of an excavator with the versatility of a tractor.
Engine power throughout all models is supplied by John Deere in the form of their PowerTech Engine delivering between 115 and 173 horsepower across the range.
Featuring a rotating cabin and flail head to allow work to be carried out in both directions whilst maintaining a constant speed, productivity is dramatically increased at the same time as significantly reducing back tracking.
Inside the cab, the machine is also designed for comfort with an ergonomic seat providing the best working position possible. Arm rests on the seat house either one or two joysticks dependant on specification maximising operator comfort whilst providing ultimate accessibility to switches and controls.
Visibility from the cabin is also exemplary with a unique glass surface providing a clear line of site towards the cutting zone and totally free from obstruction.
Twisting in the seat or turning your neck to look over your shoulder is also eliminated with the operator positioned to look clearly forward at the cutting head and not out of a side or rear window, resulting in a more efficient operator not suffering from fatigue, stress and back pain.
The purpose built TWIGA SPV range is also designed specifically for reach mowing work, not for carrying out a multitude of tasks in any application as a tractor is. The result of this specialism means that stability is greatly improved with weights evenly distributed across the machine meaning that all stability criteria is complied with. At full reach the arms are also counterbalanced by ballasts meaning that the machine remains safe from overturn.
In terms of manoeuvrability the TWIGA SPV delivers more versatility than any tractor mounted unit, providing three steering modes that allow any tight or difficult situation to be tackled.
Encompassing five models, arm-sets are available from 8 through to 17 metre in reach, with a host of various different attachments also available. In addition the machine is also capable of towing a trailer of up to 13 tonnes. Following the September launch Spearhead will embark on a nationwide demonstration tour.
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