Perf n Turf …Cromwell Polythene

Cromwell Polythene has launched a micro perforated, recycled polythene film, ideally suited to UK climate conditions and specially developed for professional landscaping and turf production.
Named ‘Perf ‘n’ Turf’, the porous low density polyethylene (LDPE) comes in 125 micron rolls which, once used, may be recycled again. The product has been extensively trialled, where it was shown to minimise root damage while maximising the harvesting cycle – typically taking just five weeks from turf laying to lifting.
Perf ‘n’ Turf is superior to woven products, suppressing the build-up of harmful algae and weed growth and providing uniform drainage. “The membrane minimises root damage, while prolonging evaporation, thus maintaining the turf at its ideal root climate throughout the growing process and during transportation,” according to Garth Imison, Cromwell’s operations director.
“Because it is manufactured from non-reacting, inert polymers, the polythene film will suit all soil types. Moreover, once the turf has been laid, the Perf ‘n’ Turf may be cleaned and processed for recycling into new film,” he adds.

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