Paynes Turf – grass is greener

Paynes Turf, the Essex and Suffolk turf and topsoil supplier is using vehicle tracking to keep customers informed regarding delivery times, to ensure new turfs can be delivered in prime condition and laid without delay.
Designed and supplied by the Northampton based telematics specialist Verilocation, the real-time GPS tracking system is fitted to each of Paynes’ 7 delivery vehicles and automatically monitors time spent travelling to and in between jobs. The custom built web-based telematics platform also enables Paynes to monitor individual driver and vehicle performance using Verilocation’s on-board CANbus technology.
“We are a family firm with three generations experience of delivering turf.” Says Partner, John Payne. “Times and technology change and we change with it. Turf however, will always be more or less the same and must be treated properly to get the best long term results. This system helps us to stay ahead of the traffic and keep clients in the loop to ensure prompt deliveries and fast installation. Also, it has the bonus of providing a suite of vehicle and driver performance information so we can fine-tune where necessary. It keeps customers happy and enables us to run an efficient operation.”
Paynes Turf was established in 1971 and cultivates a variety of turfs on their farms in Essex and Suffolk, including Premium Grade Turf and Pro Sports Turf. The company also sell Topsoil, Border Bark, plants, grass seed, lawn care, and pest control products and delivers throughout the UK.
“It’s certainly a busy operation with a lot of ground to cover” adds John Payne “and at its heart lies a reliable service with a reputation for quality. In keeping with this, we are a voluntary member of FORS, the fleet operators’ recognition scheme, which encompasses all aspects of safety, fuel efficiency, economical operations and vehicle emissions. No question, the telematics system from Verilocation enables us to maintain the high standards which the scheme demands.”
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