Parkour UK

The latest innovation in extreme sports has hit the UK, after a new range of urban inspired recreational equipment was launched by Lappset Playworld, a fitness and play equipment company.
The Lappset Parkour Solutions range allows both beginners and enthusiasts to practise the discipline of parkour. It has been designed in collaboration with parkour professionals, and was recently chosen as Sports Product of the Year. Originating in France, parkour is the art of travelling from one point to another, negotiating obstacles along the route such as buildings and street furniture as efficiently as possible. It has been steadily growing in popularity, and although traditionally practised in urban environments, it is now possible to purchase equipment specifically designed for parkour users that can be installed anywhere.
Chris Jones, Managing Director of Lappset Playworld UK, told The Landscaper “Although you may not have heard of parkour, you would probably recognise some of the moves from action films. It’s obviously not ideal to jump on to buildings but the Lappset Parkour Solutions range allows users to practise all the moves they are accustomed to but in a much safer environment.
“The great thing about parkour is that it encourages people of all ages to give it a go. Teenagers that may not be interested in conventional sports are being urged to ‘kill the sofa’ and participate in parkour, which allows them to exercise without competition or judgement. The fact that our equipment has been recognised on a global stage is a sign that we really are at the forefront of this latest trend.”
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