Park repairs

Gavin Jones have announced that the extensive parkland repairs contract let by The Royal Parks at Bushy Park, which started in September 2007 is about to reach completion on schedule. The overall value has reached c£860k plus future works to the Visitor Centre, Upper Lodge & Fountain Car Parks which will be a further 100k.

Bushy Park, is the second largest of the Royal Parks with an area of 1,099 acres. Lying to the north of Hampton Court Palace, the park, has a distinctly rural character and is home to around 320 free-roaming deer. The Arethusa ‘Diana’ Fountain forms the centrepiece to the famous Chestnut Avenue.

The £7.2m Bushy Park restoration project aims to rejuvenate Bushy Park making the park more accessible for everyone, using £4.5m funding awarded by The Heritage Lottery Fund in April 2005.

The restoration project has been split into project sections and each project tackled individually to reduce public impact and minimise ground disturbance through plant traffic.

The main feature were the ‘Coxwell gravel paths’ which needed approximately 3900 tonnes of gravel to construct, brought in by twenty ton tippers to the site compound and transported by dumper for use.

Other works include new brick headwalls to various streams and culvert details. Several types of fencing including wooden post and rail, chainlink, corstag deer fencing, iron estate railings and Ha-Ha ditch and fence which stop the deer escaping. In addition two new green oak bridges and handrails have been constructed and woodland garden paths have been resurfaced using Breedon gravel. New drainage, ditches and an overflow pond were also amongst the restoration improvements. At bridge abutments, various vehicular trafficked areas and foot path intersections tarmac surfacing and granite setts edging were laid. Various repair and renovation work included, pedestrian foot gates, brickworks, re-pointing and new york paving. Further improvements have been made to all the cradle gate’s which provide pedestrian entrances to the park including new name plates to each gate. The public will also notice new benches and dog bins for their convenience.
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