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PortaPath is a temporary outdoor flooring product which protects turf and prevents soil compaction, whilst also benefitting from a slip resistant surface, making it an essential product for any outdoor event.
It provides all weather, all year round walking surface which can support loads of up to two tonnes. This ensures that no matter what the weather conditions, the flooring will be safe.
PortaPath is useful for events of all different sizes. Due to the construction of the product it can be customised to the individual needs of each customer, making it suitable to cover an entire stadium for a concert or simply provide a safe walkway during construction work.
Mark Dunning, Company Director at Grassform, told The Landcaper: “PortaPath is a leading ground protection product which is particularly suitable for the winter months. It offers a reliable and cost-efficient method to providing outdoor flooring and walkways, with the advantage of being installed quickly, meaning our customers will save time and money.”
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