Nutritional New Additions

ICL & Syngenta’s Ultimate Offers has two new packages for 2018. Ultimate Offers are a range of tank-mixes in various combinations of nutrition combined with the plant growth regulator Primo Maxx II.
The new ‘Ultimate Offer Iron’ provides excellent growth regulation, turf density and turf colour for use on both fine turf and outfield applications, while ‘Ultimate Offer SeaMax’ provides growth regulation, stress tolerance and improved rooting for golf greens and football pitch applications. In addition, both packages also include Syngenta XC nozzles to ensure the optimum product application is achieved. The offers are available exclusively through ICL distributors.
Ultimate Offer NK, High N, S & S, the new Iron and the new SeaMax earn 5 Turf Rewards points, WSF/18 earns 10 Turf Rewards Points, WSF/36 earns 15 Turf Rewards points. Each comes with the ICL Application Booklet.

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