No to parties!

UK workers want thanks not parties, according to new poll Four in Five want job stability above a pay-rise this Christmas

UK Workers wouldrather have a thank-you card than an office party this Christmas, according to a poll of 2,000 people by campaign group Keep Britain Working.

The report comes on Party Friday, the peak day for office parties according to party planners (Friday 11 December 2009).

If they had to choose only one option this year, three out of every four people (76%) said they would prefer a personal thank-you note from their boss to a lavish office party, according to the Keep Britain Working study.

What’s more four out of five (82%) would rather have job security than a pay rise, as concerns about the recession continue to bite.

Keep Britain Working is calling on everyone to share their ideas about how to create and preserve jobs at Each month Keep Britain Working will present the best ideas to Britain’s three main political parties, as part of their aim to create ‘1,000 ideas for the next government’ – offering everyone a real opportunity now to influence Manifesto commitments at the next election.

For more information on Keep Britain Working, please contact Katy Nicholson on 07712 873780 or Lewis Campbell, tel. 020 7616 2327 or 07908 566 859 or email.

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