No slip -ups….High performance de-icer

Sodium chloride (rock salt) is normally used for de-icing roads and footpaths , as it is inexpensive and readily available in large quantities. However, since salt water still freezes at -18°C or 0°F, it is of no help when the temperature falls below this point.
Rock salt also has a strong tendency to cause corrosion, rusting the steel used in most vehicles and the rebar in concrete bridges. More recent snowmelters use other salts, such as calcium chloride and magnesium chloride, which not only depress the freezing point of water to a much lower temperature, but also produce an exothermic reaction. They are somewhat safer for concrete paths but excess should still be removed.
In Nagano, Japan, relatively inexpensive hot water bubbles up through holes in the pavement to melt snow, though this solution is only practical within a city or town. Some individual buildings may melt snow and ice with electric heating elements buried in the pavement, or even on a roof to prevent ice dams under the shingles, or to keep massive chunks of snow and dangerous icicles from collapsing on anyone below. Small areas of pavement can be kept ice-free by circulating heated liquids in embedded piping systems.
The latest product launch from Green-tech this Winter is a high performance de-icer for use on footpaths and public thorough fares. Surefoot de-icer is ideal for use as a preventative measure before a frost but also suitable for application after ice has formed.
Surefoot is super-concentrated, simply apply undiluted to any footpath or walkway where ice poses a risk to pedestrians. Unlike traditional rock salt, Surefoot is non-corrosive and can be applied via a watering can with a fine rose, using a typical knapsack sprayer of for larger areas via mechanical sprayers. To prevent ice forming, Surefoot can be applied before a frost. This will prevent ice- formation for 24-48 hours unless washed away.
It is the latest addition to Green-tech’s comprehensive Winter Care product range. The range includes the BOSS 7 & 14 grit bins that are widely used across the UK, they are tough, hold a large capacity of rock salt and can be supplied in a variety of colours. Green-tech also stocks rock salt, snow scoops and salt spreaders- everything you need in preparation for the Winter months.

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