NICE one!

The Department for Transport will today confirm a £100m package to boost the market for electric vehicles. NICE (no internal combustion engine) says it is the clearest indication yet that government acknowledges the role all-electric motoring will play in the battle against climate change.
In the face of an economic downturn, the business case for owning an electric vehicle has never been clearer. NICE owners benefit from incentives like:
Running costs from a couple of pence per mile. That’s around a fifteenth of those for a petrol or diesel car.
No annual road tax. All NICE electric vehicles are zero-emissions and therefore exempt.
Congestion charge exempt. Electric cars and vans do not pay the £8 daily charge to enter the zone, saving around £2,000 a year for those regularly driving into the centre of London.
Free parking. Forward-thinking London boroughs like Westminster provide free parking for drivers of all-electric cars. The saving runs into thousands of pounds a year. Other boroughs also provide parking incentives like free on-street parking for residents.
• Free re-charging points. More re-charging points will help. However, Westminster is leading the way with 60 ‘juice points’ on streets around the borough.
The Mega-Truck range starts from £9,595 (ex VAT) with additional benefits of 100% corporation tax write-down in the first year.

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