The next issue of The Landscaper will contain a special editorial feature on artificial grass.
Over the last 10 years ( as long as I have been editor of The Landscaper ) the artificial grass market has changed drastically as a sector. It has moved from frankly fringe usage to acceptance in nearly all areas of landscaping.
Practice areas for all the sports and even some ‘first’ pitches and grounds. Domestic clients with no time for gardening now find it attractive, councils use it on verges and areas of heavy footfall as a way of reducing costs and helping the environment.
See page 19 of the September issue of The Landscaper to see how top companies like M&N Horticulture have embraced artificial grass .
There are a number of reasons for this growth:
The product itself has improved from being basic and unconvincing to looking as real as it’s possible could be
It saves money
It saves the environment
It saves labour costs
The feature will look at the various buying options and increased usage as well as how to look after and maintain the carpet once it has been laid.
We will also run a buyers guide to include all advertisers.
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