New range

The new Etesia duocut range of mowers is capable of mowing with or without collection in all conditions, or for high-quality mulching, with no need for an accessory.
That high performance is possible thanks to the Duocut concept which is the perfect combination between 100% collection and 100% mulching decks, without compromising the results of either of the functions. Changing the mowing system is easy: just place the removable insert under the deck if you want to mulch. Remove the insert if you prefer to mow with or without collection. There is no need what-so-ever for a tool or blade change. The insert completes the shape of the deck to form a smooth surface with no roughness, allowing the grass to move easily for incomparably superior mulching.
Excellent mulching results with a very high collection performance, even if the grass is long and wet is compacted in the 56 litre grass collection box, which comes complete with box filling indicator. The mower has a forward speed of 3.6 km/h and can work on Slopes of up to 18% or 10°.
The mowers come, as standard with a height adjustable handle bar with three positions and folded position. Recessed handle bar shape to keep your hands safe while mowing close to an obstacle (wall, tree etc.) There is a comfortable coating on the handle bar, and effortless control maintenance. Centralised adjustment of the cutting height with 7 positions from 28 to 88 mm and a digital cutting height indicator. They feature low handlebar vibrations (3 m/s² (ahw).
Tel: +44 (0) 1295 680120

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