New optional trailer extras

Over the past few months, Apache’s technical experts have been busy designing a range of optional extras to enhance the trailer range. Now the standard trailers have a range of optional accessories such as ‘mesh side kits’ and ‘rear loading ramps’ giving them ultimate flexibility, appeal and now suitable for a much wider variety of uses.
Marketing Manager, Amanda Phillips told The Landscaper “Sales for the new style Apache Trailer range are already very buoyant and we have increased our production orders to meet demand. One of the key factors, besides value for money and quality, has been the accessories that you can fit to the range particularly the mesh side kits and the rear ramp option, which has made a huge difference and they now appeal to a much wider audience.”
The latest range of Apache Trailers have solid steel sides and floors, and come in four popular sizes ranging from 5ft in length to 8ft in length
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