After 4 years of research and development, a completely new, non-foam based safety kneepad which ‘memorises’ its original form without reducing its cushioning effect from consecutive or prolonged use, is now being marketed.
In comparison to most foam materials which provide cushioning by air pockets that collapse over a short amount of time, tests have proven that the thermoplastics used in the new kneepads will perform at a higher cushioning rate for a much longer period of time than EVA or PU equivalents.
Called ‘Redbacks’ because of the construction resembling the markings of an Australian redback spider, the kneepads feature a red coloured, soft and flexible TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastimer) leaf spring set within a unique honeycomb matrix. In addition to the memory comfort factor, these distribute body weight evenly, elevating the knees to reduce pressure on knee, leg, ankle and foot joints whilst minimising the risk of possible injury from sharp or penetrating objects
Light, flexible and easy to fit tightly and comfortably into most knee-pocketed work trousers, the breathable, ‘non-slip’ pads with their abrasive-resistant covers allow wearers to keep cool and dry in
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There are over 70,000 registered knee operations performed by the NHS each year, 60% of which are due to injuries resulting from soft tissue ‘wear and tear’ or osteoarthritis caused by inadequate protection whilst kneeling.

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