New front linkage…Kubota Opico

OPICO has further expanded its range of tailor-made front linkages for Kubota tractors with a new linkage for the M130X series, which has a lift capacity of 2.5 tonnes.
An eccentric pin design gives a choice of three link arm working positions – fixed, semi-floating and fully floating – so the linkage can be set appropriately for the job. For attaching a front press, the fully-floating position allows the contours of the ground to be followed, whilst for a front weight block, putting the link arms into a fixed position prevents it bouncing around.
The OPICO front linkage includes a vertical fold system in which the arms fold back vertically and very close to the tractor when not in use, giving added manoeuvrability and safety.
The bespoke design of OPICO front linkages gives extra strength to the linkage and its simplicity means that there are fewer wearing parts than on other makes of linkage.
The price of the 2.5t linkage for the Kubota M130X tractor series is £2,605. Typical delivery time when ordered through OPICO is less than 3 weeks from order placement. A fitting service is available costing from £250 to £550.
Tel 01778 421111.

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