The recent launch of M&M Timber’s new range of long-life machined rounded fencing timbers has been met with an unprecedented rush of enquiries from contractors and suppliers says Andy Hodge, M&M Timber’s Commercial Manager.
“The company’s manufacturing plant in Worcestershire is now running at full capacity to keep up with orders for the affordable new breakthrough in fencing products that offers a service life of up to three times the industry standard.”
“We are very pleased to have received such a large number of orders for the new Agricised fencing timbers, though we have known for some time that this was a product that customers have long been waiting for. We have listened to their concerns and throughout the design and development period we have worked in conjunction with a leading sawmill engineering company and Osmose Timber Technologies to arrive at a sensibly priced option that is ideally suited to UK conditions.”
M&M Timber has now begun establishing approved UK stockists for the new Agricised™ fencing posts and already lists many of the country’s largest suppliers amongst its signings. (see full list below).
The new fencing products benefit from a special Agricised process, the result of years of research and development with timber experts, to provide the agricultural sector with an affordable fencing range that offers up to 15 years’ in-ground service life.
Once the home grown timbers have been machined rounded and pointed they pass through a purpose designed incisor process that adds a unique three foot, ground level decay zone, band of consistent and uniform incisions.
Designed and manufactured in the UK, to M&M Timber’s specific requirements, the hydraulically operated incising machine is the only one of its kind in the country.
The closely patterned incisions enable the Osmose Celcure UC4 preservative treatment to penetrate to a depth of 10mm, almost triple what can be achieved in normal industry standard posts. Durability performance of the timbers is further enhanced by a fortified Osmose Celcure UC4 preservative that was developed to fight against decay by using an effective combination of copper and improved active components.
The patterned incising process also serves to ease surface tension and reduces the incidence of cracking or splitting.
Some of the Approved UK Stockists
Arrow Plant and Tool Hire Ltd
Barker & Geary Ltd
EFC Fencing
M A Grigg (Agricultural) Limited
Harold R Johns Ltd
Heard & Sendell Ltd
Mole Avon
Cornwall Farmers
David Musson Fencing

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