New entrants in industries

One winner in these difficult economic times could be the environmental and land-based industries as many people now consider this thriving sector attractive and relatively stable.
Recent research carried out earlier in the year by Lantra, the Sector Skills Council, identified that 110,000 new entrants are needed across the UK over the next decade. This is great news as the new source of workers could significantly reduce the risk of facing a critical shortage of a skilled workforce.
David Winn, Lantra’s Industry Partnership Manager for horticulture, landscaping and sports turf said: “In times of recession there are a number of opportunities available that can offer new skills and build on existing ones. Land-based colleges are already reporting a significant increase in the number of people registering on landscape related courses as people have considered their options and decided to re-train in new careers within the industry.”
Lantra’s CourseFinder website has also seen a number of changes in course searches in recent months with arboriculture and forestry, environmental conservation and horticulture, landscaping and sports turf enquiries increasing in popularity.
David concluded: “There are so many opportunities and fulfilling careers waiting in the environmental sector. Lantra CourseFinder is the right place to start when looking for courses or training to move in these fields.”
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