Gianni Ferrari launched the new Turbo Z 322 Diesel – and a re-styled version of the Turbo 4.
The new Turbo Z 322 D has many additional benefits to its petrol equivalent, the most notable being:
* Reduced running costs associated with diesel engines.
* Although fitted with a powerful diesel engine, it still retains the same compact design.
* Hydraulic lift for attachments enables the machine to mount kerbs and pavements with ease.
* It is also compatible with the new 132 cm Dual-Cut deck which allows the operator to switch between mulching mode and rear discharge mode in one simple move.
The Turbo 4 (known as theT4) is a professional mower collector The four-wheel drive, 36hp model has a working width of 150cm coupled with a high-capacity, high-dump 1300litre hopper. The contrary-rotation (RCA) collecting deck controls the distribution of cuttings to the collector avoiding clogging and unnecessary downtime.
New features on this model include:
* A smaller turning circle with increased rear axle anti-scuff capability.
* Better engine radiator protection from dust and grass (less maintenance).
* More efficient engine radiator cooling (36hp models).
* Improved hydraulic radiator cooling and better access for maintenance.
* LED-type rear lights and beacon for lower electrical consumption.


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